Slow poisoning qualms!

via Daily Prompt: Qualm
She had known him for years now. His smile that still made her go weak in the knees was too familiar. But something had changed.
There he was right in front of her, smiling, his deep black eyes tender with love! Yet she felt alone and distant in his arms.

Could you miss the person who is right beside you? She loved him no doubt. He was her safe haven, someone she trusted​ with everything. He loved her too!
But she was riddled with Qualms that nights. Did he sense her uneasiness? Why was he suddenly looking at her like that? So many questions, so many fears. And then against her better judgement she did it. She broke up, breaking his heart and hers too!
She walked out of his life without any qualms, leaving a dead silence in her wake which spread like a slow poison, killing off one emotion after the other….
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