A Fairytale Ending….

via Daily Prompt: Bitter
It all started when I saw you across the street. How was I to know then that I might hopelessly fall in love with this handsome stranger?
Had I known that day that I might run into you, I would have taken a different route. But then we would have still met and fallen in love eventually! This way or that.

Those long years with you by my side went by quite quickly. And even before we realized it, our world slipped out of our hands. All the palaces of illusions fell apart in the face of the harsh realities of life.
It’s true what they say, love is really not enough. You want something more, always something more…Some stories do never change no matter how many times you try to change the start. They somehow always manage to end up right where you are right now.
And maybe that’s what it is. That’s how our happy ending is supposed to be. A Fairytale where the Prince and the Princess meet, fall in love, and part ways to live happily ever after…just separately!
I don’t know whether I have moved on or not. But now when I see you across the street, I no longer feel sad, hurt or Bitter at least!

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