Timeless Moments..

What a day today! It’s raining cats and dogs all over Maharashtra and as the ‘life line’ of Mumbai had crumbled, I’m sure most of us would have spent a beautiful day at home, enjoying these torrential rains! Well..I had an amazing day most certainly.
I got stuck, paddled my way through the railway tracks which were waterlogged, made some new friends and finally got home by afternoon. And the rest of the day was very cosy and relaxed. I got to spend time with my family and we played board games! It was amazing and this has inspired me..hope you guys like it 🙂

Timeless Moments..
He looks out of the window
Hopelessly wishing for the rains to stop
All four of them were at home
As the transport had come to a full stop
The dark skies outside the window
Were quite a contrast to the in house rainbow
She was humming his favourite song
And the daughters were talking-without any fights-for long
Each busy with his own life had lots to tell
Each bursting with emotions which were-for long-beheld
She prepares a supper and hot tea
And they discuss wild places which they wished to see
Hours pass by talking and sets a gloomy evening
Bored of the talks they resort to singing
They sing to the rains, they sing to the moods
They sing to the days when they camped in the woods
The house crackles with laughter
To be remembered in the years to come there after
Together they spend a merry day
Each trying to it make happier in their own way..
She thanks the gods for the nature’s fury
Though grumpy at first of these unforeseen events
He and the girls pray silently
For more of such cosy timeless moments…..
Hope you didn’t get stuck for long and got to spend time with your family and friends…
Happy Monsoon guys!

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  1. Great post! I know what you mean about the weather, but usually India is very hot, but I guess winter is coming in now. I visited India a few years back, it was a great experience but it was really hot.

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