मामाच घर​’s again that time of the year when I visit my native place. And yet again it has inspired me and revealed some new potentials in me.
खळखळनारी नदी
खोलखोल दरी
कच्ची वाट
पाण्यचा पाट
हिरवि झदे
पखरांचे गाणे
भाताची शेती
गडद लाल माती
सुंदर नटलेलं
धुक्यात हरवलेलं
चिंब भिजलेलं
पावसात रंगलेलं
कौलाने शाकारलेलं
शेणाने सारवलेलं
डोंगरात लपलेलं
मझ्या मामाच घर…
-अश्विनी नवाथे

0 thoughts on “मामाच घर​

  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful writing and why it is so beautiful coz the words comes straight from your heart , I miss the excitement of going Nani house just the same way .. Touchwood

    1. Yes.. going to my native house is something that i always look forward to. Everything about it gives happiness and peace. You too should visit your nani’s house sometimes. Hope you will find time! 🙂

      1. It is not about time dear , it is once we are married difficult to go even our parents house difficult to visit mamach ghar .. Thanks and stay blessed dear:)

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