• "Its all relative"

    Midsummer Showers #writephoto

    Hey, This is my first blog post of the new year. Just like last year, I have started off by participating in one of Sue’s Photo prompt! I was mulling over a lot of ideas to write on this photo. But then suddenly found an old piece of poetry that perfectly fits the image. By the way, this poem was composed way back in February 2009! A decade ago…wow! I’m happy I stumbled unto it. 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy.

  • Indian Culture & History

    The Jewish Cemetery in Chinchpokli, Mumbai

    Just outside the Chichpokli Railway Station in South Mumbai, there is a Jewish Cemetery built by Elias David Sassoon in 1878 in memory of his son Joseph who died in Shanghai in the 1860s. For the daily commuters on the Mumbai’s Central local line, the matching mausoleums that are seen from the Chinchpokli railway station are just landmarks that alert them about the next railway station.

  • "Its all relative"

    Ten Commandments of Mumbai Locals #2

    Mumbai locals, a much clichéd topic in a Mumbaikar’s life! Nearly everyone has at least once travelled in the cramp packed ‘life-line’ of Mumbai. Spread over 465 kilometres, the suburban railway operates 2,342 train services and carries more than 7.5 million commuters daily. It is one of the busiest commuter rail systems in the world!

  • Tainted Love

    मै शायर तो नाही #4

    ALMOST, it’s probably the saddest and the most incomplete word in the English language. It comes with a sense of some easily avoidable loss. Like the feeling you get when you miss a train by just a few seconds; you almost boarded it! Or when the last piece of chocolate that you have been saving turns bad; you almost ate it yesterday! Or when playing basketball, your ball bounces off the basket ring; you almost scored! It’s a word which brings a lot of near misses. Have you ever had an “almost” in your life? A dream job that you almost landed. An exercise regime that you almost successfully followed. Or perhaps a…

  • My Guest Posts


    The winter is almost upon us. The wilderness beckons. Pack your bags and fall off the map! Sharing with you my guest blog on my dear friend Mallika’s blog. Thank you so much, Mallika for hosting me and more importantly letting me write on “Trekking”, a topic very close to my heart. In the blog, I offer a glimpse into the beautiful world of mountains along with a few tips, tricks, and thrills of trekking with kids. Read the blog here. So, where are heading to this winter season?

  • Indian Culture & History

    Celebrating India’s Intangible Heritages

    “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it….” We have been reciting this pledge for more than 10 years of our schooling. We have pledged our devotion to our country and to its rich and varied heritages. But what exactly are we striving to be worthy of? What is heritage? And further, what is cultural or intangible heritage?